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Hearing can be a pleasure. But it can also become a concern. We expect our ear to transmit the sweet quality of a sonata by Mozart but yet expose it to all kinds of harmful noise during our (daily) life. Therefore, many people suffer of acute or chronic illnesses of the inner ear. Has the pleasure of hearing turned into a concern for you? Then it’s about time that something changes!


Our webpage offers you comprehensive information about the high dosage Low-Level-Laser therapy according to Dr. Wilden® which is successfully used to treat various hearing problems. Read how this biostimulating laser light therapy works. Find out what you can do in an acute situation and how you can protect your ears in the future, or just learn more about the inner ear – how it works, how and why it falls ill.

Take your time to read through the information on our webpage and feel free to contact us, should you have any questions!


Christine Kaiser / Managing Director



The inner ear

Our inner ear is a highly complex, fine organ consisting of two anatomically separate parts positioned on opposite sides of our head. This makes acoustic and spatial resolution and, thus, orientation possible. Any impairment of this organ can result in a serious and agonizing health disorder for the person affected.

At the same time, we live in an ear that strains exactly this organ more than ever.

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preventive measures

preventive measures


Recommendations for individual hearing protection

In all areas of work which are accompanied by noise (also when DYIing) you should absolutely see to adequate hearing protection. When exposed to very high noise levels (power saw, circular saw, power lawn mower etc.) we recommend the use of so-called Mickey-mice (hearing protection caps).


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Home therapy

Luci Basic has been developed especially for the use at home. The laser beam  even penetrates deeper layers of tissue and has a vitalizing and benefical effect on the strained auditory and balance cells of the inner ear.

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